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Welcome to the Container
Transport Owners Association.

We are CTOA, Container Transport Owners Association of Sri Lanka, aggregated and teamed by Sri Lankan Container Transporters which provide business transportation services, freight forwarding and hence enriching towards the development of the economy. The CTOA has around 850 Members who actively contribute in the Container transportation industry.

The CTOA is a collection of both Industry leaders and small business owners in the Container Transport industry, which is formed in motive of developing & improving the container transport industry of Sri Lanka, which contributes to an economic growth and the supporting the GDP of the country.

The objective of the CTOA is to promote industry best practices, thus improve the service standards, and foster collaboration between members, reduce and solve industry related problems and issues.

About Us

Join Us Today and Transform Container Transport.

The CTOA was founded in the year 1989 with the motive of engaging all container transport suppliers and solving industry related issues arising. And to enhance the transportation industry of Sri Lanka, through better quality and transparency.

The CTOA was even more strengthened in the time period Sri Lanka faced fuel shortages throughout the country and the whole industry and all the container transporters were immensely faced with difficulties in obtaining fuel during crisis period, hence with the support of our chairman Mr.Sanath and the team, CTOA was the first association in Sri Lanka to obtain fuel from the government to provide the essential container transportation which directly affected the economy.

What We Do

Empowering Sri Lanka's container transport industry. We foster collaboration, drive excellence, and advocate for our members. Join us to elevate standards, promote sustainability, and overcome industry challenges. Together, we shape a thriving future for container transport.

CTOA Sri Lanka offers every member, assistance and a supportive hand to solve all industry related problems.

The CTOA is the only association which has the government approval to allow a special fuel allowance for essential service transportation.

CTOA offers a special insurance coverage for businesses in the transportation sector.

By Joining the CTOA you will gain access to all the Container transporters in the country.

The CTOA is a collection of container transporters, this will help you to get new businesses, ideas and more.

Our Executive Committee

The Executive Committee members at CTOA are key leaders overseeing various aspects of the association's operations. They contribute expertise in operations and logistics, finance and budgeting, policy and advocacy, and membership and engagement. Working together, they drive the success and growth of CTOA and its members.

Become A Member.

As a member, you can contribute your expertise and insights to help shape the association's policies and initiatives, and make a positive impact on the industry as a whole.

The Container Transport Owners Association is an organization that represents the interests of companies involved in the transportation of containers.

Any company that is involved in the transportation of containers can become a member of the association.

The benefits of becoming a member of the association include access to industry information, networking opportunities, and representation on industry issues.

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